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Discovering data size of all devices that are backed up?


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Due to file de-duplication, you can't really do that. Say you have two identical computers, A and B. If you backup A first lots of files will be backed up, but practically none from B. If you backup B first lots of files will be backed up, but practically none from A. 


You could possibly look at the backup set properties and then Sessions.



You will see the number of files, but not the amount of bytes.

You can browse each session, select all files (ctrl-A) and see the amount of data at upper right.



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Thank you for your prompt reply Lennart. ( I had already reposted this to another thread, I will fix this )


That is what I feared, I was hoping that there was a quicker function to assess the totality of each backup, or to export an excel list with data size of each client. I understand what you are saying though and it makes sense.


I have multiple servers with many clients, so this will be a fun task indeed!

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I don't know if this will work in 7.6 (it does work in 8.x and 9.x) but an easier was to see the size of a session is to select the backup set, select the session and click Browse. In the resulting dialog click the '-' (minus sign) next to the volume name to collapse the folder/file tree. Clicking on the volume name to select it will then show number of file and size at top right.

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