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Upgraded server OS, now clients have to be added manually


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Hi there.  Previously, my workplace was using Retrospect Multi Server 7.7.612 on Windows Server 2003.  Retrospect could see all our clients automatically via Multicast, and backups were fine.


We've since upgraded to a new server running Windows Server 2012 R2, and installed Retrospect on there..  But now, Retrospect can't find our clients automatically via Multicast, we've had to add each client by IP address manually.


Problem is our IP addresses can change when someone logs on the network the next day, and their data won't be backed up next time my scripts run.


We've reserved IPs for a few of the critical PCs we need to backup, so that's ok I guess, but it would be much preferred if we could have the client and Retrospect simply find each other like they used to.


Any ideas are appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi again.  Sorry I never replied back.  We did end up upgrading last fall, and are now running Retrospect Multi Server


The problem continues.  Retrospect cannot automatically find new clients, I can only add them via static IP.


Thanks for any new information.

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