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Folders are backing up but without file contents.


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I have Retrospect 7.7 on XP using a Superloader Quantum3 which backs up several network shares.  This had been running fine for years.  I had to delete some media from the main QNAP fileserver, but before I do this, I always check to see that the folder size is the same as the size of the media on the source drive I have backed up on to the LTO5 tape.  This is when I noticed that a lot of files had not been  backed up to tape.  In fact, none of them, but weirdly the folder structure was there.  I have included a screen grab of what I mean below.  Notice how some of the check boxes are ticked and some aren't.  The ones which are ticked are OK.  If I check the properties on any of the folders that can't be checked it says ZERO files.


The check boxes which aren't ticked CAN'T be ticked and if you drill down through the folders, there are no files, only folders.  Security permissions are all OK on the fileserver so I am stumped to know what has gone wrong.  If I run the script to back up the shares, it comes back and says that it has backed up everything, but clearly it hasn't.  Is there a way of getting Retrospect to forget that these folders have been backed up and re-running the script?   Any help appreciated.




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