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  1. LTO tape drives have an auto verification using confidence read heads that read the data that has just beeen recorded to tape.
  2. You could hide the files and folders you want replaced/updated, then use the Replace Missing Files Only function?
  3. I had this problem and to fix it I added :25 to the end of the IP address I have my mail server on. I.E.
  4. Thanks for the replies. This would explain why Retrospect displays errors before it re-verifies.
  5. The ability to preview a backup to see how many files it needs to backup before committing it.(For adjusting file selection filters).
  6. Is it possible at some time in the future that Retrospect could talk to a tape drive manufacturer to make a drive that can verify the data that has just been put on tape as it does the backup. This was available on Sony Betacam video tape recorders 25 years ago and called confidence playback. There was an extra set of playback heads just after the record heads that played back the just recorded data off the tape. Could cut the time of a backup in half!
  7. I have to send 30TB of Retrospect 15 generated files to a client. They will be recieving the files on a tape backup set on LTO7. I am assuming that I send them the tapes obviously and the .RBC file. Do they need anything else apart from a working copy of Retropsect at the other end to recover the files?
  8. Many software companies use "Watch Folders" in their software to see if any new or updated files appear in the nominated watch folder. If a file appears in a watch folder then a specific set of instructions is triggered. I am thinking this could be a useful tool for Retrospect to use to back up files as and when they appear or at specific times. This may also help increase the lifespan of the mechanics of an autoloader grinding away night after night when it doesn't have to.
  9. Because my loader takes 16 tapes and some of my jobs have a lot more than that. I never have to totally retrieve everything from a backup set, only bits of it, hence the ability to select some of the tapes would be ideal.
  10. What would be good for me is an option to exclude certain named files and or folders from EVERY backup job that I create. This would save me having to exclude these files and folder being filtered out every time I make a script. Anyone else think this could be of use?
  11. As the title says, can I move only certain backup jobs from a huge database of backup jobs on a PC with RS7.7 and continue running on a new PC with RS15?
  12. I don't know if this has been suggested before as I am also still running with Retrospect 7.7 and I don't know if this function is available in newer versions but I am looking to update shortly. One very annoying trait of my set-up with a R7 for Windows with a Quantum SL3 (dual 8 tape magazines) is that when i go to retrieve a folder from an 8 tape backup say, it only gives me the tape that is required ONE at a time! This is very annoying and time consuming as I have to go down 10 flights of stairs to get the next tape every time one is finished. Also, if I had a list of all the tapes I needed in one go, I could fill a magazine then go and get on with something else instead of plugging tapes into a the SL3 for an hour. A big time saver if it could be implemented!
  13. I have had an XP based Retrospect 7.7 attached to a Quantum Superloader 3 for 8 years now which has been working well until recently where the SL3 is not finding tape barcodes and aborting back-ups as says it can't find them although they are sitting in the magazine. Also, intermittent Hardware Errors and aborted back-ups. I'm told the main CPU in the SL3 is probably the culprit so it is about time to move on and get a SL3 and an LTO7 tape deck. My question is does the latest Retrospect handle 2 Superloader 3 attached via SAS as I was thinking that I could keep the old one running for a while longer on the new PC to finish off the LTO5 tape stock? How easy id it to port the existing projects over to the new Retrospect?
  14. For some odd reason I have two tapes numbered the same (7 & 8), but one has the M icon greyed out. There is only 91GB on the initial tape that I added to the back-up set. The second tape that has the icon greyed out is not in the back-up set and has no media on it. Anyone any ideas? I think I will erase the second erroneous tape.
  15. I have an idea. Start a new script and configure not to back up anything before the starting date of the new script. It will then only back up newest files without and none of the existing files of the previous script and media. If I need to recover or find anything from either of these sets, I can search both of them at the same time. Tek.
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