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What to do after Verify Media finds corrupt RDB


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I have a friend with an older system that's still using Retrospect Professional 7.6.123.  It appears he accidentally corrupted at least one of the RDB files in his local disk backup set (only has 1 member) by forcefully shutting down Retrospect a few days ago when it seemed to be hung.

The nightly local backups continued to work on subsequent nights but when he tried to do his weekly snapshot transfer, it failed with Retrospect re-asking for the backup set media for the local backup (the source in the snapshot transfer).

I ran "Verify Media" on the local set and near the end of the session, it started re-asking for the backup media (just like above).  When I clicked "Choices" and then "Browse", it became clear that it was looking for a certain RDB file.  The file is still on the disk but when I select it, Retrospect says "This file is corrupted or does not belong to this Backup Set".  The file's timestamp is pretty close to when the forceful shutdown happened so I'm not surprised this file is corrupted.

However, I don't see any option to skip this file (and thus abandoning any data within it) so I'm not sure what to do.  It's also possible that at least one other RDB file written around the same time is also corrupted but I don't know how to get past this file to check the rest.

Should I delete the corrupt RDB file and recatalog?  Will recatalog be smart enough to skip any other bad RDB files?  Or should I delete the backup sessions from that day in the hopes that it prunes out the bad RDB files?  In any of these cases, will Retrospect be smart enough to re-backup the files that were in the corrupt RDB file (assuming they didn't subsequently change and get backed up on a later date)?

Thanks in advance!

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