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Tape member size error


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Hi there,

Im running Retrospect 9.0.0 on a mac pro running OSX 10.8.5 and using a HP MSL2025 Tape Library.

I have recently been trying to start a new backup that consists of 3 x LT05 tapes that would require all three to complete the job. I am using no compression  (hardware or software) and treating each tape as around 1.5TB.

As you can see from the attached file the first member has used only 191.6GB before moving to the second which uses 586GB which jumps to the 3rd using 1,234.6 GB before then requiring more media to complete the job.


Why are the tapes not using there available capacity? as you can see from tape 1 and 2 for example there is still a reasonable amount of unused space.


I have repurposed these tapes, but have started a new media set from scratch.

I have erased them fast through the software and full erase through the software taking around 3hrs per tape but still the same outcome although they used varying amounts each time. 


Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated.





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