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How do I pen my old RDB Retrospect files on a new PC?


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I have an Iomega 1 TB external hard drive from 2008. It came with a free download of Retrospect Express. Yes...my Retrospect is nearly "retro". Some of my photos saved as .rdb files before I figured out how to use it correctly. I have a new pc and would like to open these files but because Retrospect changed hands, the link to download link doesn't work and not sure if I can transfer the Retrospect from my old laptop to new pc. (A search on Iomega plugged into new PC shows no results. It's probably saved as an .rdb as well). I can't buy anything at the moment so does anybody have any suggestions on how I can "safely" view and re download (as jpeg) if I want to, my .rdb files?

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Assuming you have a newer version Of retrospect installed on your new PC ...


I found an old answer to how you could access these older backup sets.


The way to do it would be to "recreate the catalog file" as per steps below, then restore the files from the old backup files with the aid of the newly created catalog file.


I have never done this myself, so cannot vouch for how successful this will be ... but maybe worth you trying.



(1) In Retrospect, click "Tools", then "Repair Catalog".

(2) Choose "Recreate from disks", then click OK.

(3) Click "All disks".

(4) Click the drive where the RDB files are stored, then click "Browse".

(5) Find the folder which contains the RDB files. Click it once so it is highlighted (do not double-click it), then click "Select".

(6) A list of one or more Backup Set names should appear. Click the one you wish to re-build, then click OK.

(7) You will be asked if there are more disks in the same backup set. The answer will be "No", unless you used multiple drives for your backups.

(8) You will be asked where to save the catalog to. Generally, the default location for catalog files will be selected, and it is fine to save here.





This info came from this old link:



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