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Retrospect has forgotten my registration code and history

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Strange behavior: I started Retrospect this evening, expecting to see just the status monitor telling me it was executing my daily backup script. Instead, Retrospect started and the status bar reported that execution failed on 11/22/2010. There was also a dialog prompting me to enter my license code for the newly upgraded program. I have not installed an upgrade any time recently. I entered my existing license, for version 8.5 for Windows 7, and it accepted it. But the history only covers Sept. to Nov. 2010 events. There are two pairs of backup sets--two of backup set A and two of backup set B. One of each is for an old backup set, and when I look at properties it prompts me for the location of the catalog file. The other two are for my current backup sets, and they appear to be complete. But the script was looking for the old backup sets. I had to select the new backup sets for destinations.


The script appears to be intact otherwise, although the two Proactive backups for clients have disappeared.


Has this happened to other people? Any idea what might have caused it, and is there anything I need to do about it?


I am running Retrospect Professional 8.5 for Windows, with Windows 7 Professional. My backup sets are external hard drives connected through a USB port.

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The licemse code and scripts, logs etc are found in this folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect

It’s (probably) named config85.dat and a backup file is called config85.bak


Exit Retrospect (engine), restore these files from the last (successful) backup and launch Retrospect

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That seems to have fixed it. My file is named config77.dat--perhaps Retrospect did not rename the file when upgrading from 7 to 8. Also the path was C:\Users\All Users\Retrospect. (Had me worried for a bit because Windows was not allowing access to the Documents and Settings folder. From what I read, Win7 creates a shortcut by that name for backward compatibility but the files are really in other locations.)


Near as I can tell, something seems to have caused config77.dat to be overwritten by the older config75.dat file, or maybe Retrospect tried to access the older file instead. But what could possibly have caused that? :blink:

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