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Test selector on source groups


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I'm using Retrospect 7.7.620 and recently tested Retrospect 9.


In both versions I'm not able to test a selector on a source group (to see if data fits on one BD-R).


I wonder if I do something wrong. So if you know how to test a selector on a source group instead on all volumes in that source group and then manually calculate the gigabytes, please tell me!


Thank you!

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Retrospect spans discs without any problems. You should backup what needs to be backed up instead of trying to exclude files that you might need later.


Yes I know. But my data is organized in a two level system with working data and an archive. Every three months I move working data that is not altered any more to my archive and make a backup. This archive backup I let span to several discs.


So the working data folder is actually very small.


But if I downloaded for example the latest Ubuntu ISO image and saved it into my working data folder and forgot to remove it from there I want to know why something bloats my working data as an ISO image from Ubuntu is definitely not worth backing up.


This is just an example and normally I don't download ISO files to my working data folder. An other example is MP3 files or screen shots, you understand the "problem"?

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I actually have a seperate download folder. This was just an example.


Another example: I install a new software and it creates an obscure caching directory below my user profile that contains no valuable data and is very big. I just want to see that the big amount of data is coming from there and not any other folder in my souce group.


So is there a way to test a selector on a source group? Yes or no?


Btw: As i read the above text it sounds harsh and rude. This isn't meant to be but as I'm a German I often have problems in finding the right words. ;-)


Thank you.

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