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How do I search your Forums or a specific forum?

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Excuse the dumb question but I cannot find a "Search Forum" function.

The search box at the top of the page searches the whole Retrospect site.

The Forum Help page talks about a Search and an Advanced Search where you can limit a search to a particular forum..

Maybe I am just blind but I can't see this Forum Search of which they speak.


Since there is no general forum forum I'm posting this, inappropriately, here, for want of a better place.





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As the Help page describes, the original search feature was able to limit to specific forums among other filters. However, it throttled searches, so you couldn't search twice within ten seconds. Moreover, it limited searches to four characters or more, as @Scillonian pointed out. This limitation was particularly frustrating for people as many of our error codes are three digits, like 519.


We switched the search feature on the forums last year from the built-in search to a Google site search, overlaid in the current page. The Google site search, accessible through the box at the top, searches our website as well as these forums to ensure people find any relevant information, including sections of our User's Guide and articles from our Knowledge Base. Similarly, the search box on the site includes the forums.

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