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resuming a verify and java on mac

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I just reinstalled newest java on mac and it won't run retrospect interface in either safari of firefox. I know there is a 'thing' with apple and java but since thats the only interface my drive uses and I need it to run any ideas? I will also contact them


I was doing a 17 hour backup which completed, and the cleaning light was slashing, so I stopped to clean. put the cleaning cart in the drive, and nothing happened. So since the copy is finished and the cleaning light is gone ( maybe oy cleaned when there cart went in?) I want to resume the verify which had just started.

 I clicked on the media set (3 tapes) loaded tape 1 and clicked verify.


Right now tape 01 is in drive, it says bust but according to activities nothing is happening.


How can I resume a verify of a data set?



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