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  1. I am trying to connect to my LTO6 library which I have done a zillion times in the past. all I get is connecting and if I look in preferences it says it's offlne. I am a ingle computer connected to my tape library via sas and when I check the card and connections in About This Mac It's all there. Any idea what happened and how I can fix it? I can ping the LTO and it sees it (IP but since I am on a mac and their interface software is java based I am having trouble networking into it, though that is through the network connection in any case. Am I doing something wrong? This hasn't happened in the whole year I've been using Retro and I'm not sure what has changed. Still on Mountain Lion, same computer and I just redownloaded the software Thanks
  2. I just reinstalled newest java on mac and it won't run retrospect interface in either safari of firefox. I know there is a 'thing' with apple and java but since thats the only interface my drive uses and I need it to run any ideas? I will also contact them I was doing a 17 hour backup which completed, and the cleaning light was slashing, so I stopped to clean. put the cleaning cart in the drive, and nothing happened. So since the copy is finished and the cleaning light is gone ( maybe oy cleaned when there cart went in?) I want to resume the verify which had just started. I clicked on the media set (3 tapes) loaded tape 1 and clicked verify. Right now tape 01 is in drive, it says bust but according to activities nothing is happening. How can I resume a verify of a data set? Thanks…eli
  3. Because there is no easy way to see or read the catalogs for retrospect backups I keep a spreadsheet. I fell a little behind and am checking it now. According to my spreadsheet, there a few projects that should be on the tape backup but are not. I tried browsing all the backups I made and also tried to restore to see what was actually on the LTO. That's why I keep a spreadsheet, because using restore and then aborting or using Past Backups and Browsing takes way too long. Anyway I am curious what I should do ? It is a 3 tape set (4.7GB) and from what I remember a Rebuild takes as long as backing up the files, which I don't have anymore. It is possible they are not in my past backups but actually were backed up which is why I want to rebuild the catalog. So the question is…Rebuild or repair and how long will this take approx? I am imagining a day or 2. Is this correct? Is there anything I am missing, meaning is there an easier way to see if these files are on the drive? I assume that a restore just looks at the catalog file on my mac, so it won't show the missing files. Thanks…eli
  4. You are correct in your remembering the previous behavior vs the new behavior (doesn't switch back to ALL files) but when I tried it (once only) it STILL tried to backup more than the folder I chose.I didn't let it finish because the scan and amount of files was WAY larger than ikt should have been so I busted it. I will try it in the next few days with a smaller folder. eli
  5. This was a problem in the previous upgrade, and it seems like it STILL wasn't fixed. I selected a folder on my 10TB raid and it seems to want to backup the ENTIRE raid. The previous workaround (a few months ago with the 10.1 release) was to make that folder a favorite. Is that still the case? This is the response I got on April 30....has this been fixed? It doesn't seem like it.. _______________ Agent Response: I am sorry you are experiencing the manual file selection bug. A few workarounds exist: 1) You can use a Rule to only back up a file with a specific name or file extension. 2) You can create a favorite folder inside Retrospect and backup that specific folder as a source. I will try to notify you as soon as we have pre-release version that you can use that contains the manual file selection bug fix.
  6. Hi all, I have a medis set with 3 named members, yet if I click on the media set it says it only has 2 members. Also if I click on each member in the library or when it's in the drive the first 2 )1-miscPROJS, and the second 2-miscPROJS) have the 'media set' member attribute and the third (named by retrospect and added as a member at some point) does not. Next to attributes in the bottom pane, it's just blank. Is there anyway to fix this short of a 3 LTO Cart rebuild, which will no doubt take forever ! Will that even do it? Is there anyway for me to see the catalog and see what's on that drive? In between making that 3rd drive and today I haver rebuilt a new system drive, and imported the catalog files one by one, but there isn't a log that can tell me anything about it that I know of. Thanks eli
  7. Well, the problem I had (not specifically with mountain lion, but with 10.1) was related to only copy selected folders. It would say it was doing it, then finish (in a few minutes) and not do anything. I was told when I posted that problem that is was a known bug (I can't remember the bug number but ws told to make a rule, or put it in the favorites folder which is also a little ridiculous, but if I can't get retro 10.0 to work with ML I will have to resort to that method. Thanks...eli
  8. Yes that worked perfectly. Now the question is will retro 10work with ML? I DO NOT want to use the newest version as it won't backup a single folder to a media set qwithout 'the workaround' which isd inexcusable! I am trying to copy a file (a disk image of my mac startup disk) that is 696 GB but when I select it it starts building a catalog of 1.4 TB and counting, so I bust it. Is anyone else using ML and Retro 10.0.1 ? I spent alot of money to get the retrospect with 20 seats (I need maybe 5....but I have a library catalog) and now it's not working so good. I need to backup projects and this is no good especially since the first answer I got about backing up the single file put a bug-fix release date at 3 months or so. Anyone? Thanks...frustrated...eli
  9. I recently rebuilt my system from scratch and purposely didn't use the mac migration manager to copy files over. I did however copy the retrospect folder from my old drive into my ~/Library/ApplicationSupport folder. When I start up retrospect I see NO precious media sets, and also though it sees there are cartridges in slots of the library, I can't drag them the way I usually used to, all that happens is I get a spinning beach ball. I obviously Don't want to rebuild my mediaset files as that takes almost as long as making the files did in the first place. There is also a copy of the Retrospect folder in the root level library. I had no problems on lion. Is there a way to remove and reinstall retrospect? I have rebooted after I installed. Next I am going to try turning off the LTO setup and rebooting. Any ideas? I purposely don't want to use 10.1. Thanks...eli
  10. Can I use retrospect 10 and Mtn Lion or must I upgrade to 10.1?
  11. I just went back to Lion and 10 Thats a pretty serious bug I'd say.
  12. Seems to work fine on Retro10 and Lion. Not sure if it's Mtn Lions fault or Retro. Anyone have similar issues?
  13. I select the drive, check the boxes of the 2 files I want to back up, and click ok. The bar at the bottom of the window says Manual Selection, and then 2 seconds later it changes to All FIles. If I go look at the drive, it still only has the 2 files selected, and if I go do a copy it tries to copy the ENTIRE raid ! I am on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Retro 10.1. I also have my old Lion backup in my system so I can try that. Any ideas? Thanks in Advance... eli
  14. Of course I just figured it out ! I don't have that many media sets, so I just select the media set and then locate and point it at the catalog ! Duh ! I would still like to figure out a way to read the catalog without retrospect though so I can stop keeping track of the backed up files in a spreadsheet. Thanks...eli
  15. When I updated to lion, I named my disk MacHD_LION to differentiate it from my non-lion disk. At the time some of the software I depend on didn't work in Lion so this was an easy way to figure out which disk to startup with. Now I just updated to Mountain Lion, and if I rename the startup disk to MacHD (without the LION in it) Retro tells me that it can't find the catalogs. I renamed it back to MacHD_LION and of course all is well. Is there any way I can rediredt Retro where to look for the catalog files? I'm sure there is an easy way to do this but I can't seem to find it. Thanks...eli
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