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Cannot change the hostname (Client Name) on an OS X 10.8.5 client


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Running OS X 10.8.5 on the client-MacBook Pro, with client version 10.1.0 (221).

I wanted to change the hostname of the OS X system. After changing the name, uninstalling and re-installing the Retrospect client - all with the provided packages, the old client name keeps showing up in the Retrospect client.


I have deleted the old client from the 'Configure Clients' window on the Server Windows (8.5.0 (136) ), changed the DNS name on our DNS server, cleared the ARP cache on the client system and on the DNS server.

I have also looked for a Retrospect Preferences file on the client but have not found one.


I re-install the client and the old hostname (Client Name) shows up; no matter what I do I cannot seem to change the hostname in the Retrospect Client.


I really don't want to be forced to re-install the OS and all the apps.


Any suggestions? It seems to me there is some preference file that's not getting erased when I use the Uninstall from the client package.

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Hi Lennart.

Thanks for your timely reply!

There are two ways to do this, neither worked because (1) I was looking in the wrong place, and (2) I wasn't seeing what was in front of me.



I'd read in other forum postings about this 'retroclient.state' file that resides on Macs (OS X)  in 'Library:Preferences' but couldn't find it; even a Spotlight search produced no results. Only later did I realize it was in the 'main' <hard disk>:Library:Preferences folder, not the specific <username>:Library:Preferences folder. It is there, and I suspect deleting that would have resolved the issue.



We use the Windows server (8.5), and indeed in the properties of any client there is a 'Rename' button that I must have looked at a dozen times without it ever registering... such is the fate of admins multitasking. It is found here:

Main Menu Configure>Clients

Select Client to rename then either click on Properties or right click the client name and select Properties

Select the Tools tab, and there it is, 'Rename'.

I'm sure there is a similar button on the Mac server version.


Hope this helps anyone else who comes across it.

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