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Retrospect backup engine (8.2) won't start with pref pane


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I think there is something wrong with my Mac install of retro 8.2 !

For one years i use the mac version of retro 8 on a MacPro link to a Quantum SuperLoader3 via Atto card.

It was a nightmare each time i try to do a backup. Constantly there were trouble between the Library and Retrospect.

Hardly, the job was done for around 20 LTO tapes.

And we decide to switch everything on a HPZ800, Win 7 Pro. In this config Retrospect and the Quantum work together pretty well.


But now i confident with that solution i need to restore my 20 LTO tapes to back them up with the Pc station.


And bugs come back !!


The thing, right now is :

After 5 tapes (and a lot of bug in the relation between Retro and the Library) i noticed that the retro engine sometimes sudently stop

without prompting. When a bug comes i always need to restart the Library and the MacPro to make the connexion beetween them.

Yesterday night, after the last reboot, the retro backup engine won't start and i was unable to start it manually from the prefpan neither with the Terminal command.

I try to backup the folder in /Application \Supprort/Retrospect/ but the config80.bak seem to be corrupt. I/O error at 50% of cp file.

Maybe it's time to uninstall/reinstall everything...


I would be full of thanks if someone come in help.


Best regards


Julien Daniel

Les Films du Soleil





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I can understand,

But i had a lot of problem even when the cards was at start on the MacPro and the drivers was uptodate.

Our install is 4 MacPro and a HPZ800 running FinalCutPro and Avid MediaComposer linked on a Rorke Aurora in Fiber 8Gb with Atto fiber card.

I try to keep the system runing with the good drivers and firmware for everybody.

But i certainly miss something, somewhere :-)

In fact on the Z800 Retrospect work at least at 98% without bugs.

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