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Consolidating a media set from multiple volumes

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I inherited the management of two labs back in April that are being backed up by Retrospect. I'm wasn't at all familiar with Retrospect but I have been able to figure out what I needed to know so far. There are two 6TB RAIDs connected to the Retrospect MacMini server, one for each of the two labs that I manage. The RAID for my faculty lab has been in use for a while, the other RAID is new and had not yet been set up for the student lab.


The FacultyRAID for the faculty lab filled up in June as I tried to back up everything in the faculty lab, including some drives that weren't previously being backed up, before having to break down the lab completely and move it to a new building over the summer. Each of my backup scripts paused and asked for me to Choose Media when the FacultyRAID filled up. So, as a temporary quick fix I pointed them to my new, unused StudentRAID. Each of my faculty lab computer media sets now have members on both RAIDs.


I recently got around to setting up Retrospect for the student lab and created media sets for them on the new StudentRAID. The StudentRAID unexpectedly filled up this month. So I freed up some space on my FacultyRAID by moving some non-Retrospect content off of it. When my faculty backup scripts ran out of space on the StudentRAID and asked me to Choose Media I pointed them back to my FacultyRAID which now has some free space. Now each of my faculty media sets have 3 members total on the two RAIDs.


For example, faculty lab computer #1, named FacLab1, has the following listed under the Members tab of Media Sets:


Name             Location                            Space Used           Space Free        Space Total

1-FacLab1     /Volumes/FacultyRAID/         499.2 GB                  3.7 TB                4.1 TB

2-FacLab1     /Volumes/StudentRAID/        131.4 GB                  2.5 TB                2.6 TB

3-FacLab1     /Volumes/FacultyRAID/              1.7GB              109.3 GB              111 GB


The total for all three of those members is 632.2 GB but the FacultyRAID only has 422GB free so there isn't enough space to create a new FacLab1a media set on the FacultyRAID and use a Copy Backup script to copy all three members from the original media set to it in order to consolidate it all on the FacultyRAID.


My questions:


1) Is there a way to copy the 2nd and 3rd members of the original media set into the 1st member?

2) If not, is there a way to relocate the 2nd member from the StudentRAID to the FacultyRAID?

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I've got an unused 1TB laying around somewhere. I'll reformat it and create the new media set on it and then delete the old media set from the RAIDs and then copy the new media set from the 1TB drive back to the RAID. That didn't occur to me because I was making the problem harder than it needed to be. Thanks!

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