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Schedules stopped working since Mavericks / Retrospect 10.5

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I'm encountering an annoying issue since upgrading to Mavericks and Retrospect 10.5. I'm not sure which of these is the culprit but I suspect it's the upgrade to Mavericks.


My scheduled backups won't run anymore. Except for Proactive Backups which run fine.

After that the "Next backup" will show the date when the backup last ran and not proceed to the next scheduled backup date.


See attached screenshot.


Removing and re-creating the schedule does not help.

Pausing and resuming the scheduled scripts does not help either.


I now have to manually start these scripts daily.




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Rebooting did not help.


What did seem to have helped is a re-install of the Retrospect Engine (by installing the package created from Retrospect -> Preferences > Console -> Export Server installer...)


Today all my scheduled scripts have run automatically.

Could it be that the upgrade to Mavericks broke the scheduling part of the Retrospect Server engine?


So, Retrospect users upgrading to Mavericks, please check your schedules' "Next Activity" dates.

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