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One client backup: LmGet and LmMark in log and RetroEngine crashing

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Out of about 30 machines, I have 1 Mac mini client (Retro v10.5) being backed up to a Retro 10.5 server, which each time kills the RetroEngine, which must then restart. Here's what the log shows:

    +  Normal backup using Advent Float at 10/30/13 (Activity Thread 2)
    To Backup Set Advent Set Charlie...
    -  10/30/13 06:50:38 PM: Copying Macintosh HD on Katherine’s Mac mini
    Using Instant Scan
    10/30/13 06:50:38 PM: No files need to be copied
    10/30/13 06:57:26 PM: Snapshot stored, 108.2 MB
    10/30/13 06:57:41 PM: Comparing Macintosh HD on Katherine’s Mac mini
    10/30/13 06:57:44 PM: Execution completed successfully
    Duration: 00:07:05 (00:06:11 idle/loading/preparing)

  LmMark: ndex = 21579, not in range
  LmMark: ndex = 6917, not in range
  LmMark: ndex = 16339, not in range
  LmGet: ndex = 21579 > nsp->count = 0
  Assert occurred on 10/30/13 at 07:00:47 PM
  +  Retrospect version
  Launched at 10/30/13 07:00:48 PM

Any ideas?




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