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Is anybody backing up a RAID 0 (mirror) boot volume? And using grooming?

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I reported something, but am wondering if anybody else can reproduce this.


I backup 3 Mac OSX 10.8.5 Servers -- each has two HDs set up in a Raid 0 (mirroring) capacity with the OS and all other files on it.


I backup these entire server volumes to two different media sets (one set backs up two servers, another backs up just one server).


The media sets are set for grooming -- the one with two is set to keep 90 backups, the other one set to keep 183 backups (3 months and 6 months, respectively.)



With 10.5 (and I can't be sure this wasn't the case with 10.2, but I think maybe it also was), the number of Past Backups is seemingly ignoring what I have set.


For the set supposedly retaining 183 backups -- I currently have 207 Past Backups.


For the set retaining 90 backups -- I had over 120 backups when I noticed this.


I am able to manually delete Past Backups, run a groom with no issues and rebuild the catalog files without issue.   But the number of Past Backups continues to grow beyond what value I have set.



Now, I have seen similar behavior before -- but *only* when upgrading from 10.7 Server to 10.8 server (about a year ago) -- in which case I could probably accept the answer that the "volume" was significantly changed by the upgrade.   But apart from installing the Apple OS updates, no changes have been made to the server volumes (both RAID hard disks have never been replaced or the mirror rebuilt, etc...)



Does anybody else have a similar setup that might be experiencing the same thing?

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Yes -- I run a groom script monthly on each of my media sets.


However, the number of Past Backups for any client is supposed to always reflect what the number of backups to keep in the groom settings is set at.


For example, I back up the "Users" folder of my client computers and that is set to keep 60 backups.   Past Backups always shows 60 backups for each "Users" folder for each client.   That works as expected.


This is only "failing" for the servers where I am backing up the entire boot volume.   And I'm pretty sure this is new behavior from the 10.2/10.5 time frames.

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