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Member disk failed, advice requested Retrospect 9 Mac

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My most recent disk member of set "A" used for archiving finished projects has failed. I would like to reformat it and replace all the files from another archive set "B".


Would the best way to handle this be to mark the corrupt member as missing, then use the Copy Media Set Script using set "B" as source and the reformatted disk (name same as old member) as destination?


Note: The bad disk only contained about 30-40 projects (57GB), each in its own named folder, so if I had a way of knowing what projects were on that disk, I could instead restore these folders from disk "B" and just archive them again.


Any input would be much appreciated.

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Do you still have the original projects on the source computer?

Or do you use Retrospect as "archive" rather than "backup"?


How many members do you have in media set A?


EDIT: I would never trust a disk that failed. I would buy a new disk. How much are your files worth, compared to the (nowadays small) price for a new drive?

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Thanks for responding, Lennart. Yes, I only use Retrospect for archiving. The original projects on the computer were deleted once they were archived on each of two media sets. Media set A has 6 members.

Before replacing it, I did want to test and see if the troubled drive is just suffering from something fixable with reformatting. It is a 2TB drive with two partitions (one empty).



Lennart, I anxiously await your guidance before moving ahead on this. Thank you.

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