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Windows Retrospect 7.6.123 error -1020 sharing violation


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I checked and we do have Open file backup purchased and licensed, see licenses.bmp. I also attached 2 error files, errors1.bmp and errors2.bmp, and the licenses window.








We are running retrospect Multi Server v. 7.6.123 - driver update and hot fix


This only happens on some machines. All the users leave their machines logged in when they go home.


Any ideas?




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Never post screenshots of your license codes on the internet for everyone to see.
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Probably not a good idea to post the actual license keys on a public forum.  You're screen shots show the keys in plain text ...


Back to your original question though, I get those errors on occasion too - usually in Windows 7 under a user profile in a hidden "appdata" folder that has constantly open files (like GASMO for Gmail).  Don't really know why, but I can only assume that Windows VSS may have them locked already because they are constantly changing (i.e. a mail client that is open all day and receiving new messages).  Rebooting the client system "usually" helps resolve the issue.., at least for a while anyway.




Also looks like your errors are for files in Internet Explorer temp directories.  You could filter your backups to ignore those.  Otherwise, you may continue to see them if the backup is running while files are changing.  For instance, the files exist during the retrospect scan, however, the user clears cookies/cache/temp IE settings after the were scanned but before they could be backed up (I have my browser set to clear everything upon close so it's a very possible scenario).  The files then fail to backup because they don't exist or have been changed.  

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