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  1. When I backup our workstations, I have a list of file names and folder names that I want to be excluded. I.E. "name of file or folder contains *.dat* , selecting all enclosed items" and with the options, "File", "Folder". name "does" "contain" and include enclosed folders (in the selecting option of the script). See my attachments for these items. But it will backup a bunch of items ending in .dat or most of the other items I am trying to get it to exclude (because I don't need them and because it will give me a sharing violation error). We cant afford to purchase the Open File Backup license, so I am trying to eliminate as many errors as I can. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong with my approach? Thanks, Don
  2. Thanks, I will email them and get a price for the addon.
  3. We purchased the Multi-server and the SQL Agent version, and I thought it included the Open File addon. But when I try to add the license, it tells me "Duplicate license". Is that add on an additional purchase? Thanks, Don
  4. Another questions is do I need to add these tapes as members to the script? And if so, in a specific order? Thanks Don
  5. We replaced our server and I had to purchase a newer version of retrospect and set it up on the new server (and we used 4 tapes for 2 backup scripts). We still want to run the same backup routing (monday backup set A - workstations, and tuesday backups set A SQL backup). I worked with support to get a script written to do what we used with the multi loader. I have watched all the videos, and read and re-read all of his emails and notes trying to get the same backup script running.( I tried to copy over the backup scripts to the new server and that did not work, so I tried to rewrite the scripts). But after 3 weeks off attempts to set this up on the new server, I am ready to toss this all into the trash and manually copy the files over (jk, of course). Here is the previous conversation setting up the backup routine on the old server after out tape drive died. http://retrospect.force.com/CaseUpdate?case.id=500U00000078W9M What I understand from the conversation, we should be doing the following: week 1 recycle tape (set A) week 2 recycle tape (set B ) week 3 normal backup tape (set A) week 4 normal backup tape (set B ) But what I keep getting is both backups for the week each want to use 1-backup set A and the next week 1-backup set B (instead of !-backup set A for the workstations on Monday, and 2-backup set A for the SQL on Tuesday. I looked at all the snapshots, tutorials, emails, support notes, and I cant get it to want to use 2-X for the second backup that week. I attached my current script snapshots. I apprecaite any and all help. Thanks, Don
  6. To answer the last 2 questions, support just told me to check port 497, but didnt mention the IP. I also only waited a few minutes to see if the first client will show up. I will open the add client window now and let it run for at least an hour. At the same time, the only thing I can think would effect that port is our sonicwall. But I dont think sonicwall would have set any internal ports to be blocked (they setup the device for us). I will contact sonicwall and ask them how to check and see if that port is being blocked in any way. Thank you both! Don
  7. I have been also working with support and at first the instant scan was not being uninstalled. We now have it uninstalled (many times) but still can only access the client machine by manually entering the IP address. He seems stumped. I tried the client on a workstation and a server (both window windows firewall turned off) and it still doesnt see the clients. Both the server and the client are the same exact versions. So far, no solution.
  8. I just uninstalled the Client app on the server (logged in as admin) and reinstall. I get this error message (when logged in as admin and "run as admin" on the client app. Error 1923 Service Retrospect Instant Scan (RetroInstantScanService)could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services. I don't understand why if I am logged in as admin and run as admin. Thanks, Don
  9. I just installed Retrospect Multi-server on our new server ( server 2012) and I also need to install the client app so I can backup local files here. The issue I am having (with all the workstations I installed the new client app on), is that I cannot see them when I tried to add a new device. When I installed the client app, I set the password. When I open the app, the check-box "Protected by Retrospect Server" is greyed out (and I am logged in as admin). On most of the other workstations, it is not greyed out, but whether I check it or not, I still cannot see any new client installed machine. If I manually enter in the IP, I can add it to the machine. None of the workstations are running Windows Firewall, so that is not the issue. At this point I searched the we and the users manual and cannot find a solution to this. I appreciate any assistance. Thanks, Don
  10. A few more things. We have the multi server and the add on licenses. One the new server its says under SQL 0 used 1 available. Both licenses numbers show up on the various add on packs including SQL.
  11. We have upgraded our server and I installed Retrospect on the new machine and did not delete the old program. So I can use it to setup the scripts on the new one. But the new server will not see the SQL databases (but the one still does). I tried to 'disable' SQL license on the old server and I cannot. I only can license 3 machines.
  12. I checked and we do have Open file backup purchased and licensed, see licenses.bmp. I also attached 2 error files, errors1.bmp and errors2.bmp, and the licenses window. We are running retrospect Multi Server v. 7.6.123 - driver update and hot fix This only happens on some machines. All the users leave their machines logged in when they go home. Any ideas? Thanks, Don
  13. Hello, I had my scripts running well before our Multiloader died. I had to replace it with a single tape unit. The old drive was only 320mb and the new tapes are 1.6gb, so I can now use 2 backup scripts instead of 4 (because the new tapes can hold so much more data). Here is what I have for equipment: Hardware - Software versions: Window 2003 server Standard Edition SP2 Retrospect Multi Server V. 7.6.123 driver update and hot fix v Tandberg Data LTO-4 Adpatec Ultra320 SCSI card Where I am confused is I created 2 backup sets: New Backup Set 1 New Backup Set 2 What I want to do is recycle my 4 tapes (1 per week for each backup set). My tapes are named: (It named them using this convention, and I have no problems renaming them if it will make this more clear) 1 New Backup Set 1 2 New Backup Set 1 1 New Backup Set 2 2 New Backup Set 2 What I would like is this week use "1 New Backup Set 1" for my New Backup Set 1 backups script and use "1 New Backup Set 2" for my New Backup Set 2 script. Then next week use "2 New Backup Set 1" for my New Backup Set 1 backups script and use "2 New Backup Set 2" for my New Backup Set 2 script. Do I have to make them "Members" of the backup set scripts? (so New Backup Set 1 would have 2 members, "1 New Backup Set 1" and "2 New Backup Set 1"?) When I try to recycle them like I suggested above, it keeps wanting to rename "2 New Backup Set 1" to "1 New Backup Set". I have tried just about every naming/scheduling scenarion I can think of. I googled this and tried to use the retrospect PDF and I am still confused and end up with the same "insert a tape and I will rename it with the same name of the tape you just had in there". I appreciate any help with this. Thanks, Don
  14. Hardware - Software versions: Window 2003 server Standard Edition SP2 Retrospect Multi Server V. 7.6.123 driver update and hot fix v Tandberg Data LTO-4 Adpatec Ultra320 SCSI card We bought a new tape drive, to replace our defective Quantum loader we had. I kept getting either: Bad Backup Set header found (0x79007300 at 75,823,078) or Trouble reading: "New Backups set 1" (657862), error -102 (trouble communicating) Messages. Tandberg Data had me update the Adaptec driver, and disable the drivers on the tape drive. I tried to do my first backup test after these changes (I first powered down the server and tape drive, then powered up the tape drive, then started the server). I edited one of my scheduled backups and now it tells me under Scheduled Executions "Deferred". Why is it Deferred and how do I get it to run as scheduled? Also, I used to have 4 backup scripts that I ran weekly and had 2 sets of tapes that I "recycled" each week. This larger tape drive allows me to use just 2 tapes now (that I want to recycle weekly like I did before). New Backup Set 1 (I have 2 tapes labelled "New backup Set 1 A and New backup Set 1B) New Backup Set 2 (I have 2 tapes labelled "New backup Set 2 A and New backup Set 2B) So I can keep them sorted when I change them out. I kept getting errors asking me to insert tape X when I came in the next morning. (which I know is a seperate issue from the above ones, but wanted to clarify that I am doing this correctly). Do I need to add both the 1A and 1B tapes as a "member" to my backup sets (which I run as a scheduled backup)? I am a little confused on this, and the "deferred" warning stops me from running the scripts to see if the driver updates fixed the communication problems. I know this is a lot, but I am hoping the answers are fairly straight-forward. Thanks, Don
  15. I had a tape jam when I tried to load it into the drive. I had to remove the right magazine and push it out the stuck tape by hand. After I powered the tape drive back on, I kept getting a hardware error. I did a shut down and a hard reboot of the tape drive and the error went away. To check the drive out, I unloaded, loaded, reloaded and moved the tapes around via the drive menu. It seemed to be working fine. Now retrospect does not see the device any longer. I powered down the tape drive and server. Started up the tape drive. Started up the server, and it still does not see it. I have had this setup running for years, so its not a new setup issue. Under device manager, I can see the SCSI card (Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 - Ultra160 SCSI (2x)). I have/had it set to SCSI ID:5. I checked the cables and the SCSI terminator, and they are all connected correctly. Its a Quantum Superloaded 3 V:43.0. I am running Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.123 Driver Update and Hot Fix on a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition Service Pack 2 (build 3790). Retrospect is setup for auto updates. But when I try to get the updates manually, it says "Could not connect to the Retrospect Automatic Updates site. Please make sure .. connected to the internet ... proxy setup...". I am connected to the internet (I am posting to this forum from the server) and we do not use proxies. But I wouldnt think that the updates access would cause the drive to not be listed after a tape got stuck. Has anyone run into this and solved it? Do you need any more details from me? I appreciate the assistance. Don
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