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RetroISA constantly eats large amounts of CPU cycles


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I'm running into the same problem here on an older 8 Core Mac Pro with my process meter showing RetroISA using 199% CPU (almost two whole cores).


Obviously, this is not ideal.


Not sure what the instant scan advanced options change you mentioned is yet. I will see if I can find that and try it.



Retrospect Client 10.0.0 (174)

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I've found the only way to reduce the CPU cycle usage was to exclude all mounted volumes in the config file. My problem now is that the retroISA process continues to consume large amounts of RAM - between 1.18 and 1.25GB. That seems excessive and I have not found a way to reduce it. Killing the process and restarting starts at a few MB but rapidly grows to consume over 1GB in seconds.


Has anyone else observed this?


Today, retroISA process is consuming 1.15GB real memory and 1.22GB virtual memory. On an 8GB system this is a lot of memory to be eating up for one process. This really needs to be corrected along with the excessive CPU usage of the scanning.

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