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Backup scripts hangs after upgrade from 7.6 to 7.7


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Hi Forum

I have a win2008 server with two Overland tape libraries connected. Both Libraries support barcodes, so all tapes are recognized by Retrospect by both barcode and backupset name.


After upgrading to 7.7 I'm have lots of problems with Retrospect not recognizing tapes, I have to force a rescan of library.

After a rescan I can start scripts, an Retrospect pickup the correct tape, but often it stalles in the middel of a backup asking for the tape that is already loaded in the drive.


At this point I'm almost ready to downgrade to version 7.6 :-(


Has anybody seen this problem, and if so, is there an easy cure?



Kind regards


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I think I've had the same thing happen. I'm on Server 2008, Retro Multiserver 7.7.562 with a Quantum Superloader3/ LTO-4. What happens is I will notice that there are 3 or 4 scripts queued and are waiting for the right backup tape. As soon as I highlight the correct tape in Devices it immediately resumes and carries on with the backup. It's as though as soon as I pointed out the tape it was looking for it carried on. Sometimes the tape it's looking for in a magazine slot but usually the required tape is already loaded in the tape drive. Frustrating. I don't know what makes it happen but it will happen a few times in a week, then not for a month or 2. No idea what makes it come and go.



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