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In the Media set the backup list of backups are incomplete

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I have tryed to restore a file and it didnt work. When looking at the media set i realised that the list of backups where incomplete. (quite a number of them where missing) When I recovered the missing backups with the recovery button I managed to restore the file.


Does this have an impact on the backup or its it only concerning the restore ?


Why isnt the list of backups complete in the media set ?



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If you have a disk backup set and have grooming turned on, Retrospect shows the "grooming" number of backups. For instance, we have grooming set to keep the 5 last backups of each client, so Retrospect shows the last 5 backups of each client.


If you have a tape backup set, Retrospect shows only the last backup of each source.


In both cases, you can access older backups (as you have discovered).

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Can you program the recovery function to be done on a regular basis ?

I don't think so.

You must do it if/when needed.


Does it happen often that you need to restore an old backup?

Do you use Retrospect as an archiving system rather than a backup system? I mean, do you normally delete the original files after they are backed up? And only rely on Retrospect to get them back?

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