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Backup from slow to slower...

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Hi Guys,


I have Retrospect 7.7.533 Single Server running on a W2k8 R2 server which is connected to a Tandberg LTO4 tape streamer on SCSI.

The server has an Intel Xeon 2.4Ghz 64-bit processor and has 16GB of RAM memory.


The issue i have is already for over a year now but it just got worse.

Right from the beginning when i installed the Retrospect software on the server is took a long time to backup +/-400GB of data. And when i say long time i mean 12 hours!


Since a week or 2 now it takes between 17-18 hours to complete a backup cycle. That`s not acceptable anymore.

The average performace comes down to a 200 MB/minute:

4-10-2012 12:54:35: Snapshot stored, 207,6 MB

4-10-2012 12:54:45: 3 execution errors

Remaining: 3 files, 260 KB

Completed: 683520 files, 196,5 GB

Performance: 201,6 MB/minute

Duration: 16:53:36 (00:15:56 idle/loading/preparing)


But the weird thing is, this only counts for the data on the D-drive of the server.

The C-drive data is going with a perfomance of 2.600 MB/minute!:

3-10-2012 19:56:22: Snapshot stored, 305,5 MB

3-10-2012 19:56:30: 48 execution errors

Remaining: 54 files, 8,9 GB

Completed: 79368 files, 124,5 GB

Performance: 2654,9 MB/minute

Duration: 00:56:04 (00:08:03 idle/loading/preparing)


And when i restore files it goes with 4000-6000 MB/minute!


The D-drive is where the userdata and organisational data is stored, but that shouldn`t matter.


I have checked all the settings over and over to see if i`m missing something but i can`t find.

Verification is turned off.


There are not other tasks running on the server during the first 7 hours of the backup.

Backup is scheduled to start at 19.00 hours.


Hope you guys have any ideas where to look for. Please let me know if you miss information.


Thanks in advance!

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That may indicate that the D drive is about to die. There are bad sectors that the server tries many times to read before giving up.


Can you check the S.M.A.R.T. status of the drive?


If you look in the console during the actual file copy, make notes of file names that seems to take a lot of time to copy.

Then copy these files from D to C using Windows' Explorer. Does it take reasonable time, considering the file size? Or does it take a long time?

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Hi Lennart,


I`ve checked the status of the drive and it is OK.


I cannot start retrospect when it is running a backup(script). I`ve scheduled it to start in another user and logoff when i leave the office.


Copying or moving large files is not problem at all when i do from D: to C: or vice versa.


Any other suggestions?


Btw is there a way to export all the settings and post them here? or a file that holds these settings?

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I'm sorry: After all these years with Retrospect I totally misread your log in your first post. So forget everything I wrote.


OK, You have more than 10 times the number of files on D: than on C:

The average size is no more than (about) 300kB. Backing up many small files simply takes a lot more time than a few large files. So backing up almost seven hundred thousand files does take a lot of time.


The drive has to position the heads at the disk directory for one file, read the directory, position the head at the file, read the file. Then repeat the whole sequence 683519 times. The positioning takes a lot more time than reading the data.


Get a (much) faster D: drive will solve the problem. For so many so small files, perhaps a good SSD?

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I just found this in the logs.

I see there were 2 nights that it worked as it should(just posting D: drive logs) :


21-8-2012 22:06:33: Snapshot stored, 191,3 MB

21-8-2012 22:06:41: 2 execution errors

Remaining: 2 files, 260 KB

Completed: 621605 files, 300,9 GB

Performance: 2381,4 MB/minute

Duration: 02:24:34 (00:15:10 idle/loading/preparing)




20-8-2012 22:12:47: Snapshot stored, 192,1 MB

20-8-2012 22:12:56: 2 execution errors

Remaining: 3 files, 4.356 KB

Completed: 621053 files, 300,9 GB

Performance: 2301,0 MB/minute

Duration: 02:31:27 (00:17:34 idle/loading/preparing)



So it did work 10 times faster for 2 nights...but i don`t see why that was...

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