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Reports -1124 (invalid NTFS data) on HFS+ volume during scanning


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I experienced what I believe to be the same problem. Here's a log excerpt:


+ Normal backup using Backup DeathStar at 10/2/12 (Activity Thread 3)

To Backup Set DeathStar...

- 10/2/12 6:00:01 PM: Copying Macintosh HD on DeathStar

Additional error information for Disk Backup Set member "1-DeathStar",

Can't write to file /Volumes/Backup Disk 1/Retrospect/DeathStar/1-DeathStar/ABd.rdb, error -1124 ( invalid NTFS data)

!Trouble writing: "1-DeathStar" (3899654144), error -102 ( trouble communicating)

!Trouble writing media:


error -102 ( trouble communicating)


Like the original poster, I'm of the opinion that the error message is incorrect. I don't have any NTFS volumes attached to this machine, nor is the client source disk NTFS. (All are Mac OS Extended Journaled [HFS+].)


Also, when this occurs, I receive the "Needs Media" prompt with the flashing tape catridge icon. While this may be a reasonable prompt given that Retrospect can't write to the target media, I'd love to have additional details as to why re-selecting the same media changes nothing. Retrospect should throw an error dialog when I attempt to re-select the same media and the same problem occurs.

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