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Suddenly big Media Set

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Hello Forum

Since I have changed the Harddisk and added a new Mediaset, this File is grooming each day now to 6.09 GB. The same System and Network had previous for a half year a Mediaset of 459 MB. So each day it is about 200 - 400 MB bigger. What can I doo? A idea?



MacPro 2x2.66 GHz

Speicher 22 GB

System OS XServer 10.6.8


Greetings Christian




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it could have to do with whether grooming is enabled.


my understanding is that if you have a mediaset and catalog and you turn on grooming, that the catalog size can increase "substantially". i think a different representation of the catalog data is required to support grooming operation.


i'm don't remember whether the catalog size expansion happens when you first turn on the grooming option for the dataset or on the first time that grooming is actually triggered. i suspect it's the former.

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