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Lacie D2 8x DVD+-R drive & Retrospect

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Thanks! I have a couple of questions, if you wouldn't mind.


1. What kind of performance are you getting?

2. Do you know what mechanism is in your drive? Use apple menu/about this mac/more info/hardware and select the drive.


Thanks again!

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Well, on the strength of pwilk's reply I bought the Lacie drive. The one I received has a Pioneer 107D mechanism with firmware 1.05.


After using Retrospect's "configure" utility with 4x DVD+RW media, I got a successful backup and verify with the following stats:


Completed: 212639 files, 10.1 GB

Performance: 134.4 MB/minute (121.4 copy, 150.4 compare)

Duration: 02:42:23 (00:09:16 idle/loading/preparing)


This is on an alBook 17" with lots of small files. Using the clock, I was able to determine that it backed up large files at about 300 MB/min, or very close to the theoretical maximum for 4x media (1.3MB/sec * 4 * 60 = 312 MB/min).


This is much, much faster than with the builtin Matshita UJ-816 drive.


Thank you, pwilk.

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