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Scanning incomplete, error -108 (not enough memory).

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I get the following error message from Retrospect 6, running under Mac OX X 10.6.8:


Scanning incomplete, error -108 (not enough memory).


I do not understand this error mesage.

What kind of scan is incomplete?

What does error -108 mean? What kind of memory is not enough?

Not enough memory on the backup disk, or not enough memory in my computer har disk, or what else not enough of??

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Hard disk space is not "memory". RAM is "memory". So Retrospect has run out of available RAM.

Do I need to delete files on the source to gain more memory? (It is an external hard drive.)


You should install more RAM. Or restart the Mac just prior to running the backup to make the most of the RAM you have.


It is also a (slight) possibility that the source volume has problems. Run Apple's Disk Utility and repair the volume.

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