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Retrospect cannot see computers and drives on LAN


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I have a home office network and have used Retrospect Pro (currently v7.6) for years very successfully for file back-up of selected drives and volumes on two computers connected to a LAN. Retrospect is installed on my main, Windows 7 64bit computer and I back up to an external hard drive connected to the computer. I recently replaced my other computer, and now have a Windows 7 64bit instead of a Windows XP machine. However, Retrospect cannot see the drives on this computer in My Network Places (although they are visible to and usable by both Windows Explorer and all other software on my main PC). When I try to find them using the Configure-Volumes wizard it gives me an 'Error Scanning Network - Error 1001' message. When I try to change the Configure-Preferences-Security to 'Always run Retrospect as the specified user' and give the details of my network log-on I get a message 'Can't grant necessary user privileges'.


I suspect this is caused by the way the network is set up in Windows 7. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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I found the answer to my own question. Turns out that the Homegroup name on my new system was different to that on the system on which I was running Retrospect. Once I had both systems on the same Homegroup, the problems disappeared.

Odd, though, that Windows Explorer could find drives and folders without difficulty. Another example of the obscure workings of Microsoft's networking for small LANs.

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