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  1. I found the answer to my own question. Turns out that the Homegroup name on my new system was different to that on the system on which I was running Retrospect. Once I had both systems on the same Homegroup, the problems disappeared. Odd, though, that Windows Explorer could find drives and folders without difficulty. Another example of the obscure workings of Microsoft's networking for small LANs.
  2. I have a home office network and have used Retrospect Pro (currently v7.6) for years very successfully for file back-up of selected drives and volumes on two computers connected to a LAN. Retrospect is installed on my main, Windows 7 64bit computer and I back up to an external hard drive connected to the computer. I recently replaced my other computer, and now have a Windows 7 64bit instead of a Windows XP machine. However, Retrospect cannot see the drives on this computer in My Network Places (although they are visible to and usable by both Windows Explorer and all other software on my main PC). When I try to find them using the Configure-Volumes wizard it gives me an 'Error Scanning Network - Error 1001' message. When I try to change the Configure-Preferences-Security to 'Always run Retrospect as the specified user' and give the details of my network log-on I get a message 'Can't grant necessary user privileges'. I suspect this is caused by the way the network is set up in Windows 7. Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  3. Sorry: I'm sure this must have been asked before and, yes, I have read Chapter 8 of the Retrospect manual, but I'm still not sure I have grasped it... I want to rotate two media sets (usually 2 DVDs in each) between on and off-site locations. So, I will do a normal backup daily to the first set (same script each day). After the Friday backup I will take the media off site. Monday I will start with a new media set and run a New Media version of the script. At the end of Week 2 I run the 5th daily backup to Media Set 2 and take it off site. I retrieve the first media set and start with them again on the Monday of Week 3. What run option should I use? Recycle, New Media or Normal? Best wishes, Mike Gatehouse, in Brecon, S.Wales, UK
  4. I hope Dantz will work on driver support for the new Sony DRU-510A DVD -R/RW +R/RW combo drive. Essentially an upgrade of the DRU-500A (qualified support in Retrospect) with faster (x4, up from X2.4 write speed on +R/RW media) write speeds, this promises to be a useful backup unit for the small office user (both unit and media significantly cheaper than tape, and offering faster backups than any low-end tape unit). Also, hopefully the slow erase time reported by Retrospect users of +RW units can be sorted? Mike Gatehouse in Brecon, South Wales, UK
  5. If OneTouch worked under 6.0 and the OneTouch button still successfully launches Retrospect, surely it wouldn't be too difficult to make it run the script as well? Is it too much to hope someone might take a quick look at the problem (sounds to me like an ini file or command-line parameter syntax or name changed in the upgrade)? Mike Gatehouse, in Brecon, South Wales, UK
  6. I have a Maxtor USB external hard-drive which has a button you press to launch 'OneTouch' backup. The drive originally came with Retrospect Express which I upgraded to Retrospect Professional 6.0 and now to 6.5 The OneTouch button worked perfectly under Express and 6.0 --launching a script named Maxtor OneTouch (Duplicate). It's a really nifty feature that means I can back up in a matter of seconds after each work session. After downloading and installing the upgrade to Retrospect Professional 6.5, the OneTouch button no longer works correctly: it launches Retrospect, but does not initiate execution of the script. I'm sure there's a simple solution! Mike Gatehouse, in Brecon, South Wales, UK
  7. I'm using Retrospect 6.0.206 to backup under Windows XP Home to a Seagate STT 8000N SCSI Travan 4/8Gb tape drive. Backup speeds appear to be very slow --approximately half those I was obtaining with the same drive and computer using Orlogic/Veritas BackUp MyPC. The speeds also vary considerably. In a single session which makes a full backup of several partitions on a single large HDD, Retrospect reports: Drive C. (System & software) 53423 files. 4.6Gb, 23% compression, 21.4MB/Minute Drive E. (Software apps) 3882 files, 1.1Gb, 0% compression, 23.4Mb/min Drive F. (Docs) 7722 files, 3.7Gb, 41% compression, 54.8Mb/Min TOTAL performance 28.5Mb/Min The drive has no hardware compression, so I have enabled Retrospect's software compression. By contrast, BackUp MyPC normally achieves 46-50Mb/Min for the same drives and files and an overall compression ratio of 1.61:1 Any comments/suggestions? I'm not trying to run down Retrospect and accept that different software is likely to produce different results. But it would be nice to get better speed if that's possible. Thanks! Mike Gatehouse in Brecon, South Wales, UK
  8. I'm thinking of purchasing a DRU-500A to use primarily for backup. Have you solved the long erase time? Would you recommend using this drive? Any rough idea of how long Retrospect will take to write a full DVD or the MB/min figure?
  9. I have now found that I can turn off Windows XP System Restore on just my external hard disk, leaving it active on the C: drive and remaining partitions of my internal HDD. Retrospect still seems to work o.k. on backup to file. That makes the solution much less draconian than the blanket instruction in the Dantz KB to turn off all System Restore. It would be handy if Dantz could evaluate this and post advice accordingly in the KB and in the ReadMe file for Retrospect 6.0., Express and any other affected version. It's particularly relevant for those who purchase Maxtor external hard drives, which come with Retrospect Express bundled.
  10. Just purchased an external hard drive + Retrospect 6.0 to run backups to it. Duplicate backups work o.k. First full file backup worked fine. Subsequent attempts at file backup sent the drive into an indefinite frenzy of self-flagellation and crashed Retrospect. Could only escape by unplugging USB cable and rebooting. Found a Dantz KB article which says, blandly, disable Windows XP's System Restore to 'increase backup stability'. Did so and backup now works fine. But System Restore is a rather useful feature of XP, especially when installing new software. I don't want to operate with it disabled. Could someone explain what the problem is? Is Dantz planning to fix it? I probably wouldn't have purchased Retrospect if I had known of this problem. Best wishes, Mike Gatehouse, in Brecon, South Wales, UK
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