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Duplicate Setup


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I normally backup with normal backup sets, compressed etc, works fine!

Now I wanted to try Duplicate Backup for my Music Directories, not a problem I thought, but......

How do I select MORE than 1 folder in duplicate backup, I am not a beginner but this has me stumped!

Maybe I am a beginner? Please, I must be missing something.

Thanks in advance

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Hmm... more dificult than I thought!

Looks like the only way is to pattern match on folder names to get what you want in the selectors section for what to duplicate.


Not just an easy point and click!


Perhaps that is an idea for future releases - to be able to simply click the folders you want.

Maybe the Retrospect developers should look at that.

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Cygnis, yes I want to copy each folder to its own destination.


Thanks for confirming. In that case, you will need to do one of the following:


(1) Have a separate script for each folder/destination pair (i.e. duplicate them one at a time),


(2) As Lucky_Phil described, and set up a Selector that is applied to a parent of all the folders you wish to copy. (The resulting script may be relatively slow, depending on how much other content is in the parent folder that does not need to be backed up.)


The only other possibility I can think of is to Backup (not Duplicate) the sources to a common backup set, then Restore them to a common destination, but I've never tried that, and am not sure whether it will result in the desired folder structure on the destination.

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