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Question about retry times

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I killed an activity today at 11:41 AM. The activity was part of a proactive script, that had 4 sources and one destination media set. I stopped the activity by pressing the "stop" button on the top of the activity window.


This script, as I understand it, should have fired up the activity again, because it had only backed up about half of the volume at the time I stopped it. The Activity window lists this as being scheduled for 12:11 PM today (30 minutes after i killed it.)


It has not run.




The activity window detail summary says under "status" "waiting to retry failed attempt".


The script is active 24/7, and is not paused or otherwise disabled. The icon is the little "clock" with the green border. in the activity window.


What is it waiting for?

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When I got up this morning, I checked, and _none_ of the proactive backup activities that should have happened over night happened. One backup that was scheduled for 4 AM was performed, but nothing else has been done. In fact, the last thing that was done (proactive) was that interrupted backup that is "waiting for retry".


I'm going to restart the engine.....

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