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Is it normal for Rebuild Catalog to take days?

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We have an OSX 10.6.7 server running Retrospect 8.2. It's backing from a direct-attached RAID set to a NAS. The catalog lives on the server's drive. A full backup of our main 8TB source takes about 60 hours, which is good at about 37MB/s incl. verification.


Last week the Retrospect engine hanged during backup and necessitated killing. Since then the catalog got out of sync. Repair didn't do anything (it ran for 2 seconds and reported success, while the catalog is still out of sync). I started a rebuild a few days ago, and it's expected to take about 60 hours.



  1. Is rebuild supposed to take as long as a backup?
  2. If so, what's the point of rebuilding? Only in a data loss scenario where the source is no longer available? When the catalog gets out of sync, I might as well run a recycle backup instead of patching an existing set.
  3. I'm going to inform my boss that in case we loose our RAID and the server, it may take 60 hours before we can start retrieving data. Would you agree with that statement?



  • I don't suppose "Fast rebuild catalog" applies to use since we don't use tapes.
  • Better start backing up the catalogs... I'm setting a script to copy (not backup) them over to the NAS alongside the media set members.
  • I know 8.2 is outdated. Time to move on to 9... or PresStore... or Chronosync...

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Well of course the rebuild didn't help either, the catalog is still out of sync. And a full backup is taking not 60, but 120 hours (Retrospect forgot about the verification). So we're a lovely week and a half out of backup.

(I don't even dare to touch grooming.)

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