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7.7 incorrect error message when backup set needs space ?


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Hi there,

I have experienced more than once, the backup set failing but giving an incorrect error message:




+ Normal backup using Backup Set at 12/05/2012 9:21 AM

To Backup Set Backup Set A...


- 12/05/2012 9:21:54 AM: Copying Local Disk (C:)

12/05/2012 9:28:03 AM: Grooming Backup Set Backup Set A...

12/05/2012 9:31:28 AM: Groomed 705.6 MB from Backup Set Backup Set A.

Grooming Backup Set Backup Set A failed, error -2241 ( Catalog File invalid/damaged)

You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File.

See the Retrospect User's Guide or online help for details on recreating Catalog Files.

12/05/2012 9:38:39 AM: Execution stopped by operator

Remaining: 5580 files, 32.1 GB

Completed: 582 files, 704.5 MB

Performance: 828.7 MB/minute

Duration: 00:16:44 (00:15:53 idle/loading/preparing)



On both occasions, the Catalog file was not damaged, but in fact the backup set needed to be allocated a larger size.

That is, I needed to configure the backup set to use more disk percentage on the backup media. (An external hard drive).



Just thought I would alert users to check the disk allocation of the backup set if they see this message in the log.


p.s. (You may only realise this if you manually execute the backup script - as running it manually does cause a popup form to come up indicating that more disk allocation is required)



Retrospect Professional 7.7.620

Windows 7

64 Bit

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