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Engine hang when tape powered down

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It happened several days ago, and I'm not certain about the sequence any more, but I think the story was like this.


I was doing something with the tape, and Retrospect 9.0.2 requested another tape.


I took the opportunity to clean the tape ddrive, but Retro didn't "see" the cleaning tape. When the cleaning was done, I put in the tape it was asking for, and the display persisted as "empty" (no media).


I futzed with "scan" and "scan all" and waited a bit, but nothing changed. Thinking this might be an issue with the drive, I power cycled the drive.




As I recall, when I powered up the drive, and tried o operate on it, the console hung. Then I tried cycling the engine, and the engine hung. It was a busy hang, as I recall. I could not get the console to connect at all, nor get the control panel to stop the engine. I ended up killing the engine (kill <pid>)


The attached file is a sample of the engine from Activity Monitor.


Lesson: don't take devices away when Retro need them, or it gets unhappy.

Sample of RetroEngine.txt.zip

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