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Error -525 & -527

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We are using Retrospect 8.2 on a Mac, and backing up 12 computers over our network.


Last week I got an error on Retrospect, regarding one of the workstations - Error -525 (wrong client found at that address). I had to remove the volume from Retrospect and uninstall/re-install the client on that workstation. It then worked for a couple days.


This week I got the same error message on the same workstation, along with two additional errors on tow other computers - Error -527 (backup client was renamed) & Error -505 (backup client reserved).


Two weeks ago, we were backing up fine every night, today I have three clients that won't backup, tomorrow - who knows.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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I usually find that the -505 error is caused when Retrospect thinks the client is still in use. This can happen if the script terminated or the client was restarted before the script was finished. The easiest way I have found is to open Retrospect on the client and while holding down either the command or control key and clicking off so client status says "Not running" and then releasing the key and clicking On and the client status should change to "Ready". This should resolve the -505 error.

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