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Error -102 with any tape

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Our old G5 running retrospect 6 recently died. I have purchased a new ATTO UL5D Scsi card for a Mac Pro and moved our HP Ultrium 2 Autoloader over to the new machine running OSX 10.6.8 and a 30 day demo of Retrospect 9.

Now when I try to backup to the autoloader, it gets through the tape for about 30 minutes, gives and error -102 ( trouble communicating), and moves onto the next tape, which does pretty much the same thing.

I have the latest ATTO drivers installed (4.4.2) and it is on the latest firmware. I've also changed the SCSi card config to force the card to run at Ultra160 speed which seems to be the spec of the Loader. I;ve tried new and old tapes and cleaned the drive but get the same fault.

Originally I was backing up out old G5 xserve over the network but have also tried backing up a locally attached Firewire 800 external drive with the same faults.

I don't know what to try next. This time last week the drive worked perfectly on the older system of a G5 with OSX 10.5, an Atto UL3S card and Retrospect 6.

Can you help. I really like the new features of Retrospect 9 but can't purchase it if I can't get the loader working properly.

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The error messages indicate that Retrospect is not receiving the information it expects from either the autoloader or the tape drive. While I suppose this might be caused by bad tapes, it's more likely a problem with one of the above two devices or the new ATTO HBA card.


Make sure that the card is inserted properly (you might want to remove and reinsert it, in case there is something in the socket that's preventing good contact on all pins). Also, though rare with a company like ATTO, you may have received a defective HBA card (we did once).


Assuming the new tapes don't solve your problem, I'd run the current version of HP's Library and Tape Tools (the Mac version needs to run in Terminal; there's no GUI). This should help diagnose whether you're seeing a problem with the drive, autoloader, or SCSI card.

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