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Restrict to ONLY backup C drive?

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I know I can sort of do this from the client side by going into the retrospect control panel and say "don't back up drive d:". but I'd like to be able to restrict it from the server side.


Here's why (in case it's not obvious). User has external terabyte sized drive full of music and movies. He connects it to his system via USB, it shows up as drive D and retrospect tries to back it up. It doesn't fit, fine, go to the control panel, say don't back it up and all's well until the next time, when he's also got a thumb drive (as D) and now the terabyte drive is E and retro tries to back it up...




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When adding the source. click on the small + to reveal the volumes. Select just the C: volume.




For the client, you can go into the client properties and choose to backup only selected volumes.

This avoids backing up smartphones, cameras, iPods, USB sticks and other kind of "junk".


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