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crazy backup idea - OS 9 client with Retro 9?

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I have been trying to figure out how to use Retrospect 9 exclusively for our offsite backups. I think I may have finally found a way.


We use Retrospect 9 on a Mac Pro backing up to an external RAID array. This backs up almost all of our clients. We copy the backup disk media set to tape for offsite storage.


We still have a Mac OS 9 system to back up. I have a G5 PowerMac still running OS X 10.5 with Retrospect 6.1 backing up to tape for this. (still disappointed Retro 8/9 can't back up OS 9/older clients but that's not for here...)


I am trying to simplify our offsite media. I was thinking that instead of Retrospect 6 backing up the OS 9 client to tape I could back up the OS 9 system to a Retrospect File locally on the G5 (plenty of local hard drive space), then have Retrospect 9 back up the G5. Or for that matter, I could create a duplicate script to make a local copy of the OS 9 system on a partition or external drive attached to the G5, then use R9 to back up that volume.


Would this work? Can I have a newer retrospect client running on the Retrospect 6.1 server? Would I capture all of the files properly?


Is there another strategy I could use to back up the contents of this OS 9 system with Retrospect 9?




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You can definitely install the 6.3.029 client on the G5 and back it up to Retro 9. You can also certainly back up a Retro 6.1 file backup set to Retro 9, with the downside being that you would need to perform two restores to retrieve your original OS 9 files. As for backing up raw copies of the OS 9 files on the G5, I think this should also work; why don't you try it and see?

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