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Tag reports don't work... unless you want to wipe out all of your tags


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I have two clients using Retrospect 9.0.1. I tag sources for specific scripts - "24HrBackup", "AfterHrsBackup" etc.


I haven't tried to create reports to list what sources have specific tags until yesterday. I clicked on Sources, clicked "+" next to Save Report, create the rule "Tags : Is : <TagName>"


At both clients, the reports DO NOT WORK.


At the first client, one report showed EVERYTHING with any tag, and the other report showed NOTHING. I tried Contains, Begins With, etc. - none worked. But then, both showed nothing because EVERY SOURCE HAD LOST ITS TAG.


At the second client, I have been using tags successfully for a while, and since there are 30 or so clients, I thought a list of sources containing a tag would be nice (no, essential basic functionality), so I created tag reports for my two primary tags. Nothing showed up in either report because EVERY SOURCE HAD LOST ITS TAG.


Sorry for the SHOUTING, but really? This kind of stuff is still happening with this product?


If I might quote a long past forum post:


Posted 25 August 2009 - 01:11 PM

Not yet. Tag reporting is planned. It is a missing feature/bug

(posted by Mayoff)


Also, judging by responses to my forum post titled "Tag Report" in the Retro 9 forum, my experience is not unique

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Additionally, the scripts that use those tags that have been stripped from the sources, their sources have been changed from those tags to a couple of smb shares used in a different script.


In other words, Proactive Script "Client24HrBackup", that had the single source: Tag: "Client24HrBackup", now does NOT have the tag as its source - its sources are now two SMB shares from a completely different weekly Proactive script.


I'd say things are not working as expected.

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