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how to restore (using 9.0.1) a 6.1 folder?

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Because the catalog file formats are completely different, you will first need to recreate (rebuild) a Retro 9 catalog from the Retro 6.1 media. If the v6.1 backup set has many members, this could take some time.


Although Retro 6.1 is not qualified to run on OS versions beyond 10.5.x, we have successfully performed restores of document files (not applications or OS files) by running 6.1 on a Mac Pro under OS 10.6.8. This may be worth a try in your case as well.

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hi jordan


pop the 6.1 tape into your drive, click on media sets in the r9 gui, then click on rebuild. you're then prompted for the type of media set then the device which holds the data. now select the folder where your catalogs are stored. r9 will now build the new catalog file. on our ait2 turbo system it manages around 800mb/min.

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