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Retro 8.2 multiserver error -503


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Yes. no help. I updated client again an still same error


You can try two things that I used to do to unhorrkk 8.2 clients:

  1. On the client machine, turn Retrospect off ... using the GUI
  2. Turn Retrospect back on ... again using the GUI

Sometimes that is enough to reset the "I'm off" bit in the retroclient.state file.

If that does not work (usually rebooting the client works too, so I'm guessing

that it won't), then try the following:

  1. Drop the client from Sources in the Retrospect server via the console
  2. Delete /Library/Preferences/retroclient.state on the client using Terminal
  3. Reinstall the client software
  4. Re-add the client in Sources in the Retrospect server
  5. Try connecting to the client using Refresh to see whether it is now available

I don't know ... not being privvy to the code ... but I don't think that the installer overwrites

retroclient.state if it already exists. If it does not, it will create a blank file and the client will

be in the state of "waiting for first connect" from the server.

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