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the share was mounted on my Mac the whole time


And that's likely the problem.


Did you "Add" the network volume to Retrospect's "Sources" list from the giant candy "+" icon?


Was the network volume mounted on your Mac at that time?


Mac OS X will not allow any filesystem to be mounted with the same name at the same time by different users.

The Retrospect engine runs as User 0, while your Finder session is likely a different user ID (generally 501 for the first local user).

The first user to mount the volume gets its normal name ("foo") while the next user gets "foo-1". The Finder will hide this, but you can see it in Terminal.


Go to Sources and select the share point, then look at the Overview section below, at the Path field. What do you see?

Now open Terminal and issue the "mount" command.

You should see your network volume there.

Do you see it twice?

Do you see the modified name OS X has created for the second one?


Retrospect will look for volumes on the path you initially set for it. If this path changes (due to user action) the volume won't be found.


This issue, in one form or another, has been the most frequently answered question on this (and the previous) Forum since version 5.0.20x shipped back in 2010 or so.

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