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9.0.1 Update not recognized


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After installing, Console pops up update message, "Retrospect is available—you have" Preferences also show "Server version:". About Retrospect shows the new version.


I did stop the server before upgrading using downloaded file.



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When updating an existing installation, the original engine needs to be running when the new version console is launched. This is not made clear in the instructions.


Oops. Scott told me to uninstall and then install the new version. Now I get "The BPM file for the package "Retrospect Engine Installer.pkg" does not seem to exist. Make sure that you have not renamed the package." No Engine is installed.


There is no BOM probably because there is no such package (that I can find)!



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I found a fix. :)


I re-installed from another account with Administrative privileges.


My guess is that the uninstall left something in the original account which confused any new install.


I still wonder where that error message was generated. :wacko:

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