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  1. Just to clarify for amkassir's original question regarding engine installation failure: The Retrospect Engine must be stopped for the new installation to complete successfully. Use System Preferences > Retrospect to stop the engine.
  2. As part of of the upgrade process, an opportunity to upgrade the Retrospect Engine is offered. It will always fail since no mention of requiring the engine be stopped is ever mentioned. This requirement was probably forgotten and never written down in the previous upgrade. Upgrades are not a daily occurrence. It should not be necessary to either guess or read through pages and pages of documentation to be reminded of this. I would expect it would take minimal time and testing to simply add text to the UI noting that the engine must be stopped for a sucessful upgrade to occur.
  3. I found a fix. I re-installed from another account with Administrative privileges. My guess is that the uninstall left something in the original account which confused any new install. I still wonder where that error message was generated.
  4. Oops. Scott told me to uninstall and then install the new version. Now I get "The BPM file for the package "Retrospect Engine Installer.pkg" does not seem to exist. Make sure that you have not renamed the package." No Engine is installed. There is no BOM probably because there is no such package (that I can find)!
  5. After installing, Console pops up update message, "Retrospect is available—you have" Preferences also show "Server version:". About Retrospect shows the new version. I did stop the server before upgrading using downloaded file.
  6. xz4gb8


    I like the new forum. It could use some help with Search. I searched for 9.0.1 - no results found, even though there was a 9.0.1 release announcement.
  7. I would suggest that more patience is required. For example, this is my first visit to the new forum this year. I have been active in the Retrospect forums over the years and have found that most forum members do not visit every day. The other forum-related point is that, since you consider the recovery method important and have found a method, you should share this method with the forum. That is the purpose of the forum.
  8. Well, in V9 I just finished rebuilding a catalog of a V6 backup. It was an interesting experience. Thanks to the Forum I found the secret to choosing "Tape, Removable,..." I could not find mention of this process in the User Manual. 1. Documentation Bug - That should be in the User Manual. The "Select a device" window did not show all six volumes of the backup set, just the first five. 2. A bug - not all devices show in the selection window. Ditto for the "Storage Devices" in the main window. I left the job run overnight and eventually found the activity needed more media. Well, which media have been scanned to rebuild the catalog? The activity log does not tell me anything about this. 3. A (much needed) feature is explicit listing of devices as they are processed in the activity log. Here is the scary part: When I went to add media, not knowing what had been scanned, all of the removable backup volumes I could see were "Already part of a media set". Of course, I only saw five of the six volumes that were mounted. So, I clicked "Finish". Imagine my chagrin, after waiting so long, to see the status message, "Cancelling Execution". What a scare. All that time and effort gone for nought! But, wait! It now says "Execution completed sucessfully". Be Still My Heart! 3. A bug - The status message should reflect the activity - "Finishing" IS NOT THE SAME AS "Cancelling". Finally, the formerly empty Media Sets windows shows NO media sets. Where did the media set I just build go? This too is weird and scary! 4. A bug - If Retrospect knows that there is a media set because it just rebuilt the catalog, it should list that media set. Yes, I found the Previous Backups now listed. I could tell by the dates that the device never shown was indeed scanned. Not only that, it shows that the backups are in a named media set which is apparently unknown to the rest of the application. 5. A bug - see number 4, above. My next adventure is to attempt restoration of files from the V6 backup. I hope that is not as scary.
  9. Where is the Retrospect for Mac 9.x forum. I would expect that, since it is shipping now, users might want a place for questions and comments.
  10. The question was, "Will it work?" The answer, in my experience, is "Yes." "Unsupported" is not the same as "does not work." I routinely backup /User/xxx on 10.6 using Retrospect on a 10.4 machine. Every failure I have experienced was no different from backing up 10.4 or 10.5 /User/xxx. -- That is, save set volumes locked or loss of client configuration requiring forgetting and re-adding client and re-adding subvolumes to script. Works on both MacBook Pro and Intel Mini. http://forums.dantz.com/skins/GL2007/icons/grin.gif And, yes, I have restored files.
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