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Unable to Unlock Media Set

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I'm unable to unlock a media set that was created in Retrospect 9.


When I click on the Media Set, the unlock button is greyed out.

However, some of the settings of the Media Set are shown... which they usually are not shown unless the Media Set is unlocked.


At one point, the media set unlock button was active, the Media Set settings were hidden, but when I clicked on the unlock button and entered my password, I received an error message: 'An Unkown Error has Occured'



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Very frustrating. In my case, running Retrospect 9.0.2 on Mac OSx 10.7.4, I shut down the computer.

Then I powered down the external device (a 15TB raid), waited a while, and powered it back up.

After it reached "Ready", I powered up the Mac and Retrospect started working again.


This problem has occurred a few times and I have had to resolve it in the same way.

Good luck.

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