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With Retrospect 9 (engine&clients), clients do not recognize they are backed up

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In our office, we use Retrospect to facilitate a daily off site back up. Two weeks ago, we upgraded to Retrospect 9. Since then, while I receive the messages from the engine that clients are successfully backed up, the clients itself appear not to recognize this and are starting to shout error messages that they are not backed up for the past seven days. Interestingly, all these clients also appear in the engine reports section in the folder No back up in last 7 days, while under Recent Activities the back up scripts are listed as completed.


Am I missing a setting somewhere that I should change to fix this?

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Did you upgrade the clients to v 9.0.0 as well? You could just try toggling that notification option off (I have it off for my computers...)


Are the clients *fully* successfully backed up? Or do any of those still in the "no backup in 7 days" list have alert messages on their backups in the past activities?

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For some clients the upgrade to v 9.0.0 does not seem to match, for the majority it worked fine. Speed has gone up with thousands of KB/s according to the engine. I receive messages in a dedicated mail inbox to tell me whether back ups are completed or not, or give errors (-530, -519) when the PC was not on (e.g. user was not in the office).


I am considering turning of the notification as I can see whether or not they were succesfully backed up, just wondered whether or not this was some kind of bug?

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