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veryfy media set skip feature not working

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the skip media member feature will not work.


go to tab: media sets, select media set to verify, click activities, click choose media, click skip, click choose media.

you see that its still asking for media member #1. you can never skip to thru the set to test a particular media member.


is this a bug?


senario: when inserting #42 of you dvd members, retro says that it is damaged, so you would like to verify media members directly before and after.

Or you would like to verify some memebers you know you didnt have compare active on when backing up...

this is a way to save time on the backup and do some verify when you have time. (before trashing clients folders etc....)


page 230 of user guide:

For tape and other kinds of removable media, if you do not have the requested Media Set member, but do have other members of the Media Set to verify, click Mark Lost, then insert the next requested piece of media. If the media is not lost, but is simply not immediately available, click Skip.



retrospect 9 (319), mac 10.6.8, optical media set: dvd sl, external lacie dvd writer

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