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  1. Hey Nigel, Thank you for your reply, very helpful indeed! So the ini file was NOT set to use optical. I think there's a good chance with RET 15 I never edited the ini file. Because I had moved on to mechanical drives before all this. On the mac OS 10.11 boot I may not have used optical either. Thats the clone source I used to go to OS 10.12. (I never reuse a boot OS version, I always get a new drive when updating major stuff like OS's. I think the last OS was 10.8.6 for using DVD backup. So now Im on to the new ini file. And that you said ''stopped supporting optical'' did jog my memory a bit. Very helpful now that Im old LOL... Ill report my findings so it may help others... Brad P
  2. More info: I tried booting from my Mac OS 10.11 drive: In RET I noticed, in ''storage devices'' in mac os 10.11, both CDR drives have a karrot to the left to see what cd is inserted. On the RET on the mac os 10.12 boot drive, the karrot does not appear. So RET is not seeing the CDR drives. hmmmm.... I do remember opening a pref file and making RET use optical media. As I think RET had stopped using optical at some point. That pref file would be on the boot drive I would think so even the new boot drive would have the prefs set to use optical media, yes? Is this version of RET compato with mac os 10.12?? Maybe thats my issue. Im not sure where to look for that compato info... hmmmm... On restoring from SFA2 at the end of restore I got errors: Ill attach a txt file with those errors. Indigo is a mech external firewire drive I use for clients, I had picked that drive to restore to. It looks like I have errors on the DVD media or RET couldnt talk to the destination drive Indigo. ?? THANK YOU brad glodis restore notes from RET on mac os 10.11.txt
  3. Hi All! Thank you for any ideas you may have! Retrospect Version 15.6.1 (105) Macpro 2012 OS 10.12.6 (recently put in an SDD boot drive and updated from 10.11 to 10.12. I cloned the 10.11 with carbon copy cloner to an SSD then updated the OS. I have an old DVD set called ''SFA2''. I now have a raid drive that uses SFA3 and another drive for SAFE that I use for backup. Im trying to restore a 2013 client backup project. I have the SFA2 catalog in RET and have restored from this set before, but not for quite a while. I just did a ''Create CD config'' on the same DVD/CD writer Iv used for many years. Thinking maybe the new boot drive saw it as another device. Did not help. Im attaching the screen shot of the error in RET I get when trying to ''eject'' a DVD in the ''status needs media''window. So i see something is not right there. RET wont seem to read the DVD after i put it into the DVD device. It just says ''needs media''. So I think my issue is RET not reading the media in that drive. i do have another CD/DVD writer internal device which I tried first, that had the same outcome, fail. The external CDR drive is connected via firewire and Iv used it for many years with success. Here's the notes in the activity log: (the media RET asked for was ''SFA2- cd 197") Restore using Restore Assistant - 3/16/22, 3:06 PM at 3/16/22, 3:07:36 PM (Activity Thread 1) To volume SFA Indigo... Warning: volume SFA Indigo has the "Ignore ownership" setting enabled. Note: OS X System Integrity Protection may prevent the restoration of protected files and folders to SFA Indigo. - 3/16/22 3:07:36 PM: Restoring from sfa2, Snapshot pat glodis 102513, 1/9/14 1:07:21 PM 3/16/22 3:07:39 PM: Selector "All Files" was used to select 81 files out of 81. 3/16/22 3:07:41 PM: Finished matching 3/16/22 3:07:42 PM: Finished scanning Reported missing by user: "42-sfa2" 3/16/22 3:30:53 PM: Execution stopped by operator Remaining: 80 files, 803.9 MB Completed: 0 files, 0 B Performance: 0 MB/minute Duration: 00:23:16 (00:23:13 idle/loading/preparing) Im thinking because I cloned my boot drive to a new SSD maybe RET is playing nice? Im not sure what to do next. Any ideas, without jeopardizing the use of my RET backup system I now use with the RAID drive are appreciated! Here's the pict on box: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sasii3yvoiscnxm/Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 3.09.35 PM.png?dl=0 Thank you tons! Brad Pierce
  4. Mac 10.12.6 Ret Version 15.6.1 (105) I use scripts with favorite folders to backup client folders. A HD source becomes ''offline'' and a new HD source is listed in source list in the program Retrospect. Yesterday the source HD was fine and my scripts backed up to the source HD fine. Today when i opened the program Retrospect, the source HD had the tilde, and a new source with the same name was listed below it. My script using the offline HD did not succeed when run of course. I had to make folders on the new HD listing favorite and then reprogram my scripts to use that source instead. I did restart and it was still listed as offline although it was mounted on the desktop. I used this script yesterday with success. Ive had this happen before but only when reformatting i believe. Q: What are the criteria for Ret to list a source drive as ''offline''. Meaning what things done to a drive make Ret see it as offline? Q: is there any way to fix this? Any thoughts helpful!!! Thank you bradp
  5. Nigel, Thank you for your help! So this raid only unmounted on its own when Ret was copying a media set from it (reading). Never has it unmounted otherwise. That makes me think its a poss. issue with ret. Maybe ret paused long enough for the raid to self sleep? Really not sure what happened. But i know it happened 2 times. When I checked "match" and "dont dupe file" for the script and re ran it (third time BUT I did a "cat rebuild" first as tech support recommended). I did not do a cat rebuild before the other 2 times. ret finished up and i now have a dupe of the media set on another drive (single internal drive). This new single drive is the same model drive as the raid's. (the other single drive was not). Not that is should matter though. Agreed on when to use DU. If 1 raid drive was to fail, showing the red light on the enclosure, Id complete the process per instructions to replace the bad with a good drive and let it do a hardware rebuild. I get what your saying about the "unexpect'd unmount". That does keep the concern in the back of my mind..... 😞 I did email macsales.com but havnt heard back from them. all the best! brad p
  6. David, thank you for all your help. You have been instrumental in my edu for ret. You have educated me more than you realize. I want to convey my appreciation for all you have done for me. thank you..... I did a copy backup script today, and although it took a while for "match" and "dont copy dupes" to complete, I dont think it will be a time burden to run the script periodically. Saving my arse in case of "the sky is falling" on the raid drive. If I duplicate every client folder backup script to my SAFE drive, and get the SAFE copy done that way, I dont think it will save much time as just doing the "copy backup" script. Copy bacup script seems to take a lot less time the duping every client script. And easy to deal with. Gratitude! bradp
  7. Lennart, You have helped me a lot, i want to thank you for that! best! bradp
  8. Q: Is it possible to use 1 script to backup to 2 different media sets that are on 2 different drives, with 1 script execution? It seems that running a script, even when the script is set to use 2 media sets, you can only choose 1 set in the run dialog. Is there any way to select 2 media scripts so data goes to both sets with one run of a script? Workaround: You could make 2 identical scripts and just change the destination on one of them, then run them concurrently... ?? thanks bradp
  9. I realize iv posted this in another thread.... I was worried about the raid due to the unmounting.... Im under impression that unexpected unmounting can create data corruption. Yes, it was in the "read" in not "write" task (having data copied "from" the raid while it unmounted) but im not an expert in this area therefor extremely cautious here.
  10. Hi David, No its not a NAS. This is the drive im using https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other World Computing/MED3FR7T08.0/ thanks b
  11. David, Thanks for do all that searching. Helpful! i have another 4TB drive on the way and plan to try a "copy media set" again. Im not sure why it unmounted during the copy before. If i can get that solved ill be able to move on, hopefully. At least with the 2 4TB drives i can have a safe copy aside from the Raid copy media set trial. The unexpected unmounting of the raid drive gave a bit of panic. So I feel I need at least a finder copy of it somewhere before screwing with the raid again. b
  12. You are correct about finder copy worked fine. I did submit a ticket and am corresponding with support. I have to say, because of the time lapse in corresponding, lots happens between comments. its been difficult to convey everything to them. Q: Whats your take on using Mac "disk utility's first aid" on a raid enclosure with 2 4TB drives in mirrored mode. https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other World Computing/MED3FR7T08.0/ Because disk first aid would see 1 drive. How does that work within the raid enclosure? Can one drive need fixing and the other not needing fixing? If disk first aid fixes an error, how does that translate to 2 identical drives? This raid doesnt have a external controller or software controller, its all inside the enclosure. So there's no way to address the 2 drives separately. Macsales said i shouldnt have to use disk utility because if one drive fails the led will light RED. They didnt say it would hurt the drive (corruption etc. ) No other comments about using DU first aid. You can see im not a raid expert by any means.... By "personalized help" you mean "no charge" for 30 days? Thank you David
  13. David, 1. Sorry to confuse. the original 'copy from 4T to raid' was done in finder. In ret the member in SFA 3 media set was changed from 4T to raid. Everything worked fine. Lenart posted that idea. And since then my journey has brought me thru many roads with the goal of using 4T as a safe. Eventually using 'copy backup' per your suggestion. Having a bit of 'panic' happen on the journey im now in this state. raid=regular media set (SFA 3) and backups going fine. 4T= a 'finder' copy of the media set SFA 3. 2. Before i did have my original media set SFA 3 still on 4T. And was 'leaving it there' cause i did not trust the raid yet. The last items we tried, was to do 'copy media set' from raid to 4T. That task failed. You asked, did i have enough space. We figured yes i did have enough space. But i thot maybe it needs the full 4TB's (i have the raid set to use all space). So i dumped my original set and cleared the drive. I did 'copy media set again. Thats when raid unmounted. Re-try then same=unmounted. After that i had panic about the raid. Unmounting can lead to corruption. So i did 'finder copy' to 4T. The changing number in ret 'use this much space' i had noticed a long the way. I would change it to 99% and the next time i checked it would be different. I even see 146GB/99%. Which obviously is not right. I honestly didnt think this would drag on so long, so i didnt start a trouble shoot log of events. I prob. should have. But I do our thread here. thank you for all your help.... its incredibly useful. b
  14. David, I do not know if the unmount event happened at the same point in the copy media set. Two items on your comments. Yes, i did set the space on the destination 4T to be large enough to hold the media set. When i returned to that very same page to check that i had set enough space i was surprised to see numbers had changed to be very low... Like 146Gb/ 46%. When I change them back to 3750/99% and left the page, on returning later the numbers had changed again. I thot this bizarre and stated it in my posts. So as it stands now there's 2 things that are not acting as you would expect. 1. when choosing a member there's nothing under the existing retrospect folder shown in the select dialog. Although the 1-SFA 3 member is indeed seen in the finder directory. And when I did this the very first time (retro 9) to move the set to raid, I DID SEE THE WHOLE DIRECTORY in retrospect. NOW i do not! 2. When setting the member space, the numbers will change when you visit the dialog again. Im not sure how much, when and which members change. (raid and/or 4T). It seems random. Although after checking the raid set many times I recall it sticking at 99%. Ill need to check that again. thanks
  15. I was seeing if Don had solved the issue. Reason for posting here. Id be happier to continue with the other newer thread i started. Yes, confusing is correct! Thanks for posting the link of the proper thread..... we should use that one since all my whoa's are there.
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